Internal Power: Seven Doorways to Self Discovery
by Harold W. Becker

This book is perfect for those in search of personal meaning and wanting to know what life is all about. A wonderful starting point to self-realization and understanding... bringing the practical aspects of who we really are to the forefront. This book shares how to become our potential, understanding and overcoming our limitation, and inspires us to seek the best out of life. Easy and fun to read. Endorsed by Dr. Bernie Siegel, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and John Randolph Price. (1993/2008) (192 pgs) Purchase here.

Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being
by Harold W. Becker

Unconditional Love is a book about self-exploration and revealing your true potential. It provides tools to allow inner peace, realize dreams and manifest a new vision for your life. This inspirational work will show you how to start loving yourself and enjoy life. Unconditional Love shares it's magic by celebrating your personal journey of triumph over limitations and helps you find the fulfillment that self-awareness provides. Like a road map to the inner self, this unique book moves beyond the traditional focus of self-help and captures the timeless essence of a powerful, underlying movement to personal mastery. (2007) (252 pgs) Purchase here.

Unconditional Love Is... Appreciating Aspects of Life
by Harold W. Becker

Unconditional Love Is... is a collection of simple inspirational expressions with each having a focus on a particular aspect of love. Author Harold W. Becker created these inspiring contemplations as a companion to his book Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being. See how Peace, Harmony, Compassion, Creativity, and Abundance for example, are all qualities that come from your core essence and how they embody the heart of unconditional love. When you are conscious of these powerful characteristics like Courage, Choice, Gratitude and Potential, you transform your personal understanding into greater awareness. This book brings the many facets of your life into focus by revealing how these potent aspects weave through every part of your life. (2010) (138 pgs) Purchase here.

Inspiring Unconditional Love - Reflections from the Heart
by Harold W. Becker

An amazing collection of thought provoking timeless truths and universal impressions by this visionary author. These 301 simple and profound statements encourage you to become aware of the power of your thoughts and feelings, help you discover your personal strength, restore inner peace and harmony, and cultivate your natural desire to genuinely live life to the fullest. With each turn of the page, you will find these Reflections from the Heart to be practical and useful daily reminders empowering you through self-awareness and unconditional love. (2010) (108 pgs) Purchase here.

Inspiring Unconditional Love 2 - More Reflections from the Heart
by Harold W. Becker

Inspiring Unconditional Love 2 is another extraordinary compilation of empowering quotes direct from Harold's heart to yours. In this encore presentation to his original book, Inspiring Unconditional Love, he shares an entirely new collection of his timeless and intuitive insights on life and love. These all new 301 practical, useful and perceptive statements encourage you to become conscious of your thoughts and feelings, aligning them with the essence of your love to create a more peaceful and joyful life. With each turn of these creatively designed pages, you will find your heart expanding as you embrace your unlimited potential. (2011) (108 pgs) Purchase here.

Angels, Love and Light
by John T. Goltz

Angels, Love and Light is 42 beautifully crafted poems relating to angels, love and light. In his foreword, Harold Becker says, “On rare occasions, we are afforded the opportunity to experience inspiration that touches the depths of our souls. Such moments are gifts that delight the very core of our being and encourage us to expand our awareness beyond the norm. These poems are filled with treasures that tickle our imaginations and remind us of our true heritage as divine beings of light. John calls us back to the memory of our angelic self as we explore the joy of a fanciful moment. This talented author provides the ingredients and all we add is our openness to enjoy a delightful feast of the heart.” (2010) (96 pgs) Purchase here.